Ogg Vorbis for QuickTime (Mac OS X, iTunes)

Binary provided by Michael Baltaks (email)

21 April 2004
Update: this new version fixes the issue with Ogg Vorbis tags. Here is a new and much faster Ogg Vorbis component for QuickTime. Download the component (you might need to hold option, or control click and choose download), unstuff it and put it in the QuickTime folder in the Library folder on your Mac OS X startup disk (/Library/QuickTime). Then start iTunes and listen to Ogg Vorbis files! I just posted this binary since there were changes made to improve the speed, see sf.net for the details. This was linked from quicktopic, which I found here. I've used this with QuickTime 6.5 and Mac OS X 10.3.3.

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